“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the Venoscope II’s we purchased from your company. They work well, take very little training, but provide benefits that are quickly making them one of those “What did we do without them” piece of equipment. Our medics are excited about the devices and are doing a 60 day clinical study to see just how much we are benefitting from the devices.

The Venoscope is particularly useful on patients with deep veins, infants, and darker skinned persons. The device gives us another chance to find a vein when one is not visible with the naked eye before resorting to the more invasive (and more expensive) interoseous route.

Plus, you can’t beat your price. It’s a very inexpensive device that delivers priceless results.”

Joey E., EMT-P Director
EMS Bolivar, TN

“Just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully place an IV in a some what chubby 20 year old, in a vein that I could not see or palpate, in the basilic vein! Whoo hoo! It held for both days of the infusion! Yeah! I don’t think I would have found that vein without the scope! It’s paid for itself! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Claudia H. RN BSN

“I wanted to thank you for this wonderful product. I work in a small facility that does not have IV teams or a lot of nurses around at any given time to attempt hard IV sticks. I am an ER nurse who has used this product for a little over a year and have used too many times to count. Our ancillary departments use it as well such as the Lab, Med-Surg unit, and radiology.

We have had ER physicians from other hospitals who have seen us use this and upon returning to their facility recommended they get one.

I would recommend the VENOSCOPE II to anyone!!!”

Angela LPN, ER

“In patients that I could not palpate veins (obesity), I was able to visualize the veins and had about an 85% success rate over blind sticks. I saw an increase in patient satisfaction they loved “the gadget” that saved them from multiple sticks and even requested for the nurses to use it. A major hospital benefit was despite the initial cost, it paid for itself. One did not have to use as many IV start kits and angiocatheters. It was a time saver for nurses, they could place an IV in half the amount of time.”

Joey S. B.S.N
Nursing Educator

“The Venoscope Neonatal Transilluminator is easy to use and allows more accurate visibility of veins in our premature babies as well as in our full term infants. This helps decrease IV attempts especially in our sicker babies. The Venoscope Neonatal Transilluminator is so lightweight and portable which adds to its use. Now that we can purchase the light cords individually we can always have an extra one on hand. Our nurses would definitely recommend using the Venoscope Neonatal Transilluminator.”

A. Jones, MBA, Nurse Manager, ICV

“I have nothing but praise for your product and find it extremely helpful in locating patient veins in vascularly challenged patients. I would estimate that I have placed close to 1000 IV’s using your device.”

Scott C.
Rochester, NY

“For the thirty IV starts before we tried the Venoscope II, the average patient rating for the experience was 2.54 (1=OK;4=AWFUL). For the 28 times we collected data when the Venoscope was used, the patient rating was 1.63. We received letters from patients praising the use of the Venoscope II and even a donation to buy more! For a relatively low expense our nurses are more confident and patients more satisfied with the experience.”

Chris B. BS, RN
Des Moines, IA

“I am able to maintain a 98% success rate with your venscope. Thank you! Every nurse and phlebotomist should have one available.”

Roger B. RN BSN
Austin Venous Access

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how great your product has been in the pediatric lab. We have been using the Venoscope II for several months with incredible results. The success rate of venipuncutres has risen close to 100%. Once again I want to thank you for this great device. I would certainly tell other labs about this product. It’s great!!!”

James C
Pediatric Clinical Research Tech.
Boston, MA

“Thanks you for producing such a wonderful, safe product. I first ordered your Neonatal Transilluminator several years ago and have been thankful for the purchase 10 fold. I originally bought the transilluminator while I was a staff nurse at the facility I worked at. Now as a travel nurse I am even more thankful for having purchased it. The Neonatal Transilluminator has paid for itself several times over, especially when I’ve had to go on a transport and need IV access in a hurry.”

Gloria T, RN
STABLE Program Instructor, NRP Instructor

“I have used the Venoscope for the last 4 years while placing peripheral IV’s, midlines and PICC lines as well as drawing labs when needed. I love the versatility of the Venoscope due to its size and I have found that patients (especially pediatric) are not as intimidated by it compared to other illuminators I have worked with over the years. I have tracked my first stick rate over the years and range from 90-95% first stick success rate. I believe my success rate is so good because I learned when and how to use this fabulous tool. Thank you for assisting me in furnishing 3 of our infusion centers with you Venoscope.”

Infusion Nurse Manager