The Venoscope II Transilluminator enables you and your assistants to visualize feeder reticular and superficial varicose veins on a patient’s legs and other sites. See the deep feeder reticular veins, even beneath matted spider veins, for injection compression slerotherapy treatment. Make the Venoscope II a part of your profitable sclerotherapy practice.

“Buy the best … from the company that INVENTED the “Vein Light” 

Since I first introduced transillumination to the field Phlebology at the NASP annual meeting in 1995, the Venoscope has been a mainstay of my practice. Its multifaceted usefulness in diagnosis, preoperative vein marking and Venoscope-guided sclerotherapy for varicose vein and spider veins make it a “must-have” tool for any modern vein treatment practice.”

James C. Ingram, Jr., MD., FACS, RVT
Vascular Surgeon
Vein Centers of Louisiana