Hemophilia is a disease that knows no boundaries!

It affects infants and adults alike. Learning to perform IV injections is a necessary and critical skill. The new Venoscope® II can help. The new device allows the average person, professional or not, to effectively locate and evaluate multiple IV sites for future IV access. It will give the family the luxury of mobility in travelling and recreation that they would normally be very reluctant to pursue for fear of being unable to administer factor in case of an emergency while away from home. Some factor providers have taken the position that by providing a Venoscope® IIto their clients, they enhance the quality of life for the whole family. At $195.00, that is a small price to pay for peace of mind in knowing that you can access a vein in an emergency. Tell your factor supplier that you would like to have theVenoscope® II.

The Venoscope® II was developed by a paramedic to aid in locating and evaluating peripheral veins for IV therapy and blood draws. The basic idea is “if you can see it, you can stick it”. The new Venoscope® II transilluminator does this by directing a very bright light into the subcutaneous tissue so that it produces an orange glow when the external room lights are dimmed. When the light passes over a vein, the vein absorbs the light and the vein shows up as a dark line between the dual arms of the light. You can verify that it is in fact a suitable vein by depressing the arms and observing the vein collapse and refill when you release the pressure. We call this blanching the vein. If it does not blanch, it is not a suitable vein. It may even be a tendon which you definitely do not want to stick. At this point, you may mark the “target vein” and proceed with the stick or simply reverse the light with the vein located between the arms and proceed with the stick between the arms. You can ask someone to hold the light or attach the light to the patient’s arm with the Velstretch Strap.