“First Stick Confidence!”

The Only Backup Plan You’ll Need.

Let’s face it, no matter how skilled you are, there’s been a time when you’ve had difficulty finding a vein. Not only is it time consuming and expensive to have to call for backup, it can also result in a distressed patient and family members. With the help of the Venoscope® II and its high-intensity LED lights you’ll be sure to find the vein the first time, guaranteeing patient satisfaction and comfort. It’s a reliable backup plan that’s always within reach. And that’s sure to keep your patient at ease, make you more efficient and definitely more welcome in their home.

“I highly recommend that every home-care nurse have a new Venoscope® II. It will give them that first stick confidence to tackle even the most difficult patient. Best of all, the light is very affordable for nurses to purchase for themselves. It costs less than a good stethoscope and it will make your life easier.”

Virginia Watson, RN
Homecare Nurse
Covington, LA

Instructions For Use